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“A Refreshing Irish/Americana blend, part-traditional, part-Nashville with a trickle of folk…beautiful”

- Sunday Times

”Tupelo are an acclaimed alt-folk act, this album packed with the band's meaty sonic stew, simmers incessantly, without ever boiling over”

- The Irish Daily Star

“It's kinetic and feel good, situated in a kind of musical timelessness”

- Irish Echo, New York

“Crafted to be crowd pleasers”

- Sunday Business Post

“Push On is a solid offering”

- Irish Times

“Worthy of a place on the devils jukebox, with its Mumford-esque mix of bar-room jauntiness and appropriated Americanisms. Deeply Charming”

- Metro

“A Fine collection with flailing fiddles and plucked banjos all with a greater focus and higher production”

- Hotpress

“Accomplished…At times, one feels the band are taking their audience on a musical tour of Ireland. Old Country is as sentimental as it gets”

- Irish Examiner

“Powerful, dramatic in its frantic interpretation of the folk genre Push On provides an engaging tapestry of music that resonates long after listening”

- The Last Mixed Tape

“Opening with ‘Old Country’, Tupelo sets the scene with its country-blues vibe as Cramer sings “ready and waiting”, simple and effective as the fiddle floats like bunting throughout the song and a finale that would encourage anyone to get up off their seat to dance”

- Dublin Concerts